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We know needed sleep amongst dogs varies from breed to breed as well as age and level of activities but one thing is for sure, on average, any dog sleeps and rests in total between 12 to 16 hours per day. It is therefore very important our dog has some great spots where he or she can sleep and rest. 

Some dogs loves to curl up, having their heads just next to their own tale while sleeping. Other dogs loves to stretch out completely normally while laying on their stomach. Our dog Tobine prefers both in fact. When sleeping in the living room, the dining room and even the kids room she is normally more or less in a stretched position in a classic dog bed in the living room and in a Tobine dog bed, a soft dog cushion which keeps the shape and which is in fact name after our dog Tobine, in the dining room and kids room. On the other hand, when sleeping in the kitchen and in our bed room, our dog Tobine sleeps in a curled up position in her own dog bed, a donut bed and she always spends the night in our bed room in her own donut dog bed with a dog duvet on top of her. 

As you can see from the above, our dog Tobine has quite a presence in our home, occupying at least five different rooms each day. Therefore, it was also a must for us that the dog beds should not disrupt the harmony of our home but instead the dog bed in each room should be a beautiful yet discreet addition to the interior of the room. 

Tobine bed is a dog cushion in timeless design, beautifully sewn in GOTS certified cotton canvas, the inner mattress is generously stuffed with recycled polyester. Its rectangular shape makes it easy to fit into a room. Tobine bed is currently available in two sizes and 8 different colours, warm as well as cold colours yet all colours also match one and another and you can for sure find a colour which will match your interior. You can acquire separate covers for your Tobine bed, making it the obvious choice for a long term keep.

The donut bed is a minimalistic round dog bed made by GOTS certified cotton canvas, stuffed with recycled polyester. The donut ring of the donut bed is slightly taller than the inner cushion, hence the donut ring is the perfect place for our dog Tobine to rest her head. However, when our dog Tobine prefers to curl up with her head just next to her tale, the donut bed also allows this and in fact in a very safe way as she can curl up on the inner side of the donut ring.

Besides from the timeless minimalistic design of all the dog beds we have chosen for our home and the organic fabrics in beautiful colours, all the dog beds have another great advantage; they are all fully machine washable. This means that both the cover of the Tobine bed as well as the mattress can be machine washed, just like you can put the whole donut bed, the inner cushion of the donut bed or just the cover of the donut bed in the washing machine. The latter also applies to the classic dog bed. Either you can wash the whole classic dog bed, the inner cushion or just the cover of the inner cushion. That said, besides from the covers, we normally do not wash our dog beds. Instead we vacuum the beds and then they look as good as new. 

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