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We know needed sleep amongst dogs varies from breed to breed as well as age and level of activities but one thing is for sure, on average, any dog sleeps and rests in total between 12 to 16 hours per day. It is therefore very important our dog has an organic dog bed, where he or she can sleep and rest. 

At tadazhi we have designed several organic dog beds. The variety is because some dogs love to curl up, having their heads just next to their own tale while sleeping, whereas other dogs love to stretch out completely normally while laying on their stomach.

If your dog belongs to the group of dogs who love to curl up, having their heads just next to their own tale while sleeping, our organic donut beds is a must have for your dog. The donut bed is a high-quality organic dog bed, in which it is easy for your dog to cuddle up to the soft edge all way round. It is available in three sizes and therefore our organic donut bed can accommodate almost any dog who love to curl up while taking a nap. You will also like our organic donut bed, since the style is timeless, and the organic donut bed is available in contemporary colors which fit right into the Scandinavian way of living. And least but not last the organic donut bed is washable. So, this lovely organic dog bed is certainly worth a try.

However, if your dog prefers to stretch out completely when resting or sleeping, we recommend our ever so popular organic Tobine bed. Tobine bed is a high quality organic dog cushion in timeless design and its rectangular shape makes it easy to fit into any room. Tobine bed is available in two sizes, and it suits larger dogs as well. Tobine bed is currently available in 8 gorgeous contemporary colours, all matching Scandinavian home interior. Our Tobine bed’s cover is removable and renewable. And like our donut bed, Tobine bed is washable.

The tadazhi collection also consist of two other styles of organic dog beds all in contemporary colors and timeless design ready to be placed in any Scandinavian home. One of the organic dog beds are Poespas, a round organic dog bed, one size with removable and renewable cover. The other organic dog bed is our classic dog bed, a rectangular dog bed with edges all the way round. Our classic dog bed both accommodate dogs who love to stretch up to an edge, sleep curled up to an edge or has no clear sleep pattern. Both of those organic dog beds are washable as well.

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